MEDITECH Integration | Workflow & eForms for Magic, CS, & 6.0


FormFast is MEDITECH's collaborative partner for hospital automation solutions [Visit the Meditech Collaborative Solutions page HERE].

These solutions include:


eSignature Capture

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FormFast's Electronic Signature application interfaces with MEDITECH systems (including Meditech Magic, Client Server, and  6.0) to sign and annotate forms electronically. FormFast supports a variety of electronic devices that facilitate the requirements of the client.  Hospitals are able to determine where to send the electronically signed document, whether it’s cold-feeding it into SCA to maintain a paperless record or printing a copy for the patient’s personal records.


Forms Automation

FormFast interfaces with MEDITECH solutions making it easy for any healthcare organization to convert existing paper documents into electronic forms complete with barcodes and form identifiers. By using FormFast for this process, MEDITECH customers will:

  • Streamline the SCA integration by ensuring the forms are barcoded to MEDITECH’s specifications
  • Eliminate the cost of pre-printed forms
  • Quickly and easily update forms once they are in FormFast’s electronic format



Managing a hospital through paper documents is not only cost prohibitive, but bogs down the organization and conceals hazards related to patient safety, compliance, and loss of revenue.  FormFast’s FastFlow platform empowers hospital staff to quickly communicate and collaborate. More importantly, it collects key data to generate customizable dashboards and analytics, bringing critical issues to light. FastFlow provides:

  • Mission-critical information to help hospitals improve operations
  • Reduced approval times
  • More efficient communication between departments
  • Limitless uses in every area of the hospital
  • Send documents directly to SCA for archiving


Output Management

Even as hospitals focus on going paperless, a need to output documentation remains. Whether the hospital needs to print documents on-demand or based on logic and criteria, FormFast has the solution. FormFast’s output solutions:

  • Organize related documents together for easy output of a group of forms
  • Merge data from MEDITECH Magic, Client/Server, or 6.0
  • Automatically route the forms to correct devices or systems including printers, fax machines, and email clients


MEDITECH Magic Support |  FormCentral

FormFast has created its FormCentral solution to provide automatic output for hospitals utilizing MEDITECH's Magic operating system.  Contact FormFast to start receiving the benefits of forms automation in your hospital.

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