Lean Healthcare: Key Steps to a Winning Strategy - Announcement

FormFast Webinar to Share Key Strategies for Lean Healthcare

Industry thought leader Mark Graban to discuss core components—a combination of better quality, increased efficiency and performance improvement measures—essential for success

Register now at: www.formfast.com/webinars

We're excited to announce our next free webinar designed to share strategic considerations crucial for achieving lean healthcare in hospitals. The hour-long event, titled “Lean Healthcare: Key Steps to a Winning Strategy,” featuring guest speaker Mark Graban, an industry-renowned author, speaker and consultant, will be held at 11 a.m. (CDT) Thursday, January 20.

As programs and buzzwords such as “Six Sigma,” and “Do more with less,” continue to gain credence among industry leaders, many healthcare organizations are left wondering how exactly to reduce costs without compromising quality and overall success. The FormFast Webinar has been developed to explore how hospitals can “go lean” through a combination of increased efficiency and performance improvement measures.

Author of the book Lean Hospitals: Improving Quality, Patient Safety, and Employee Satisfaction and president of lean healthcare consulting company Constancy, Inc., Graban will offer his experience-tested strategies and successful tactics that go beyond simply cutting hospital costs to create an agile and effective institution. He will discuss methods for re-designing broken processes; how to use technology intelligently as a support tool for, not a replacement of, staff; and influencing organizational culture in a positive manner.

Graban will likewise explain why both clinical and administrative workflow processes must be remedied to achieve significant quality increases and cost savings.

“Hospitals are complex organizations and embracing a philosophy of lean healthcare can generate significant improvements throughout the enterprise,” says Rob Harding, president and CEO of FormFast. “For this reason, we are pleased to offer Mark Graban’s strategies for cutting costs, increasing quality and becoming a lean, high performance hospital.”

Register now at: www.formfast.com/webinars

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Webinar - January 20th - Lean Healthcare: Key Steps to a Winning Strategy