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eSignature - Essential to "Going Paperless"electronic signature (eSignature)

FormFast® has an integrated eSignature software solution supporting a wide variety of electronic signature devices to meet the needs of any environment.  With FormFast, your staff will spend less time managing and scanning paper documents, providing more time to focus on patient care.

What is eSignature or Electronic Signature Capture?

eSignature (electronic signature) by FormFast replaces paper forms with electronic forms and allows patients to sign them electronically via a writable device or tablet.  The result is a legally signed document that is automatically sent to the EMR, eliminating unnecessary scanning and contributing to a paperless hospital.

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Our solution supports biometrics, which looks at a collection of physiological behaviors unique to individuals as a form of identity access management. The built-in biometric feature is controlled solely by the signer, unique to each individual, and capable of verification. This advanced level of security reduces your legal exposure, can ultimately increase your claim revenue and protect from lost or misplaced forms.

Streamline Hospital Admissions Processes and Bedside Consent

Make the collection of consents easier for both hospital staff and patients with e-signature technology.  FormFast automates the generation of documents that need to be signed and walks users through the signing process.  Eliminate the need to store and manage consent documents, giving hospital staff the ability to operate more efficiently.  At the bedside, mobile electronic signature capture provides a convienient alternative to paper-based consents or bulky computer-on-wheels setups. 

Discrete Data Capture

FormFast's electronic signature solution also has the ability to capture additional information in fillable fields and checkboxes.  This allows hospitals to ensure that patient information that is required to be collected along with the the signature is annotated on the electronic forms and included for digital archival.


FormFast's annotation abilities extend beyond signatures as well.  Hospitals are using this solution to annotate electronic versions of physician notes, progress notes, and other types of documentation that require a clinician or nurse to write or draw on a form.  As with the patient signature, these annotations are merged with the digital form image and instantly storage the in electronic document management system.  

Fast Archival into the Electronic Medical Record (EMR)


Once the documents are electronically signed FormFast marries the e-Signature to the document, creating a legally signed electronic document. FormFast then sends the document to Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and archiving systems along with the data necessary to place the document in the proper archive.

eSignature Solutions for Electronic Patient Consent:

• Automatically integrate with the EMR
• Eliminate paper consent forms
• Replace manual scanning with electronic forms 
• Eliminate identity theft
• Improve patient experience

eSignature Hardware Options:

There are many different devices FormFast supports empower hospitals to sign eForms via e-Signature technology.

iPad for eSignature

Mobile Devices (including the Apple iPad)
Portable tablets are quickly gaining a presence in healthcare.  Allowing for maximum mobility and ease of use, mobile devices (such as the iPad) powered by FormFast are an effective way to collect patient electronic signatures (e-Signatures).

Tablet PC Tablet PCs
A tablet PC is the ultimate way to collect e-Signature (electronic signature) data and complete forms without being constrained by hard wire restrictions. It empowers your staff to enter single data without transcription, provides records in real-time, offers a clear display that reduces interpretation errors, and is lightweight and portable.


Writable Screens
This next generation solution is a stylus-enabled monitor that allows patients to see the electronic document while they are signing. The full size monitor provides excellent document readability without the need to print any paper. By using an arm mounting system, writable screen can be installed with zero footprint on desktop space and can in fact extend your usable area.

eSignature Device

e-Signature (Electronic Signature) Pads
This compact solution includes an LCD interactive display, allowing users to see "electronic ink" under the pen tip as they sign. Electronic signature areas range from 1 to 4 inches in height and 4 or 5 inches in width. The wide signing area and rugged tempered glass signing surface make this a versatile pad for the most demanding applications.

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