Hospital Downtime Solutions

Hospital Downtime Solutions

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Whether it is scheduled or unscheduled, downtime happens. Yet the hospital still needs to keep on moving… patients need to be registered and orders need to be processed.

This is why FormFast has created downtime solutions for hospitals. The registration Downtime Application enables your admitting department to continue registering new patients while the main HIS system is down.


The application is customizable so you can transition easily into the downtime application. The interface is designed to your facilities specifications in order to collect the data necessary for a patient to be admitted. 

With features such as dropdown list fields and easy to read action buttons, your registration staff will have no problem adapting to the downtime situation.

Downtime Physician Orders sets are published in FastFlow so they are available via a web browser across your network. In addition to downtime scenarios, FastFlow allows internal and external clinicians to access and initiate order workflows to bolster or backup more complex order entry processes.

FormFast provides a system to monitor and record Admission, Discharge, and Transfer data, providing a snapshot of your patient information prior to the Information System downtime event. FormFast applications use this information to provide demographic information for patient related processes. In the event of scheduled downtime, FormFast makes it easy to print a packet of essential forms and documentation for any or all patients so you can safely continue care through the downtime period.


FormFast Downtime solutions drives the following benefits:

  • It reduces communication errors during a downtime eventImproves clinician satisfaction through easily accessible, online forms
  • Assures compliance with hospital policies and procedures during downtime
  • Increases patient safety
  • And FormFast ensures Business continuity which allows patients to be admitted, care to be delivered, and orders to be processed during a downtime event.